EPA Spotlight: Zombies and Memory

Michael Conley, Junior and Quentin King-Shepard, Senior with Dr. Althea Bauernschmidt

What is the title of your presentation? 

Animacy in Survival Processing

What is your research about? 

In our study we tested the relationship between two separate, but related, topics of research: animacy and survival processing. More specifically, we observed how these two mechanisms improve memory. 

Why is your research interesting/relevant/important? 

First, Zombies... that's pretty cool. More seriously, our research is Interesting in that it allows us to understand how our brain is designed and explains how the failures of our memory are simply a result of us asking the wrong questions. With research like this we can identify why our memory is better in one task as compared to another. For example, we understand memory to be at an advantage when one is faced with an animate predator versus an inanimate predator because it is more advantageous to survival. 

What are you looking forward to most about the conference? 

 I'm most excited to meet my peers who share a similar passion for psychology as well as discovering all the different research opportunities I may have in the future.