EPA Spotlight: Depression and BMI Following a Buffet

Kayla Cuifolo, Senior and Quentin King-Shepard, Senior with Dr. Gregory Privitera

What is the title of your presentation?

Differential Food Intake and Food Choice by Depression and BMI Levels Following a Mood Manipulation in a Buffet-Style Setting 

What is your research about? 

Our research is about whether food intake following a manipulation inducing sadness would be moderated by depression and BMI, with greater intake and food choice for energy-dense foods evident for obese individuals with diagnostic symptoms of depression 

Why is your research interesting/relevant/important?

Our research is relevant and important because we are trying to show that obese individuals that are depressed have greater intake of food and the food they eat is energy dense compared to non-depressed individuals. 

What are you looking forward to most about the conference?

I am looking forward to presenting our research and showing people what we have found. Also I am excited to see other posters and talk to many colleagues at the conference.