Monica Yalamanchili and Stephanie Vogel to present at EPA

Academic Entitlement (AE) has been found to be moderately correlated with narcissism.  Mixed results indicate a generally negative correlation between narcissism and forgiveness.  The current study investigated the relationship between AE and forgiveness.  Three types of forgiveness were measured: others, situation, and self.  Hypotheses predicted negative correlations between AE and forgiveness of others and situation and a positive correlation for forgiveness of self.  Significant negative correlations were found between AE and forgiveness of others and forgiveness of situation.  These results partially support those of Strelan (2007) and intuitively make sense.  Those who are high in entitlement, and therefore theoretically lower in the desire to maintain goodwill in social relationships, will be less likely to forgive others of their transgressions.  They would simply not see the need to forgive others since their focus is more on what they achieve and obtain for themselves rather than on maintaining social contacts.