Nick Kicior, BA Psy 2004, MSEd 2006, Advanced Certificate, 2009

Nick Kicior, BA Psy 2004, MSEd  2006, Advanced Certificate, 2009

When asked to reflect on what he learned from his undergraduate experience as a psychology major wrote

"Thinking.  Feeling.  Doing.  Those are the things my education at Bonaventure taught me.  While working with the Psychology Department, I was strongly encouraged to think independently, outside of the box, and find problems that needed solutions.  The professors there fostered personal and professional development, asking students to search for an area that interested them and involve themselves in as many ways possible within it.  While at Bona's, I was able to take several courses that varied in focus and join research teams to conduct independent studies.  This allowed me to hone my areas of interest so that I could go on to learning more about them in graduate school and specialized training so that I was assured I would eventually be doing something I loved.  My experience at Bonaventure also allowed me to never forget the person behind the diagnoses.  I was always encouraged to help promote personal development and growth in others and to never forget how finding effective treatment modalities might actually influence the person receiving them.  Finally, I was ALWAYS encouraged to be action oriented; to put verbs in my sentences so that there was an effective outcome.  As president of Psi Chi, I would look for ways to engage others in psychology events and promote environments that fostered learning for everyone.  The courses I took through the Psychology Department were diverse to say the least.  I experienced everything from calculating statistics to the behavior of animals, allowing me to see the variety of directions in which psychology could take me.  I was also involved in a summer research program that linked me with professors and students at Buffalo State College as well.  Because the Psychology Department was always committed to learning and striving for excellence, they were able to continuously pass down opportunities that came across their desk that would help me develop as an individual.  All of my experiences led me to where I am today as a professional.  I was able to go on to receive my Master's Degree and Advanced Master's Certification and will be taking a licensure examination to potentially start my own practice.  Currently, I work as a Program Director for an ambulatory adult mental health service , overseeing a staff of 17 individuals across six counties in Northcentral PA.  I work with individuals who live with a variety of mental health disorders and are at different stages in their own recovery and wellness.  I enjoy what I do because of the foundation that was laid when I was learning.  I still maintain relationships with not only the university, but with the professors who taught me there because, quite frankly, their passion is contagious.  I believe that people can and do change and that holding people to a higher standard beyond taking medication is imperative to personal growth and long-term, sustainable wellness.  I am so grateful to those who helped me grow while I was at Bonaventure and encourage individuals to constantly evaluate how much they are putting into their education, because the rate of return is comparable.  Do more than what is expected.  Look for learning opportunities.  Use the time you have around the people at Bonaventure to your advantage.  Don't look back and wish you did more."

Nicholas A. Kicior, MSEd.
Peer Support Services Program Director
Outpatient Mental Health Therapist
Beacon Light Behavioral Health Systems
800 East Main Street, Bradford, PA 16701