Rachel Schey (SBU 2014) on Clinical Psy Grad School

I am currently enrolled in a PsyD program with a Military Track at Adler School of Professional Psychology, which will soon change to Adler University. I plan on applying to the Navy Health Professions Scholarship Program where, if I were accepted, I would be an active duty clinical psychologist after graduation. I eventually would like to open a private practice and work with therapy dogs! If you are interested in Military Psychology, this is the only civilian program of its kind in the country! The school consists of PsyD and masters programs. There are various concentrations you can choose, since it is a graduate school that consists of only psychology. After graduation, I worked at a young men’s adolescent chemical dependency facility. Experience helps getting into clinical graduate programs, especially if the GREs are not strong for you. However, experience is not necessary. The psychology department at St. Bonaventure offered expertise in various fields of psychology that helps during the transition into graduate school. My undergraduate experience was unique in that I was able to benefit from numerous research opportunities, small class sizes, and the ability to learn from one-on-one conversations with professors. It has been truly valuable in my graduate school experience thus far! -Rachel Schey (SBU Class of 2014)