Kelly Rohan (SBU 1993) Clinical Prof at U Vermont

Kelly Rohan (SBU class of 1993) earned a Ph.D. in clinical psychology  from the University of Maine and did her predoctoral internship and  postdoctoral fellowship at the University of Mississippi Medical  Center/Jackson VA Consortium.  The research experience working with  Dr. Charles (Chuck) Walker, presenting research while an undergrad at  APS, taking graduate-level stats courses while an undergrad, and the  experience of running research methods/stats labs at SBU with Dr.  Harold Gelfand were invaluable in terms of getting into grad school  and getting socialized to research.  Initially, Kelly joined the  faculty of the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences in  Bethesda, Maryland, which offers a Ph.D. program in military clinical  psychology.  Kelly is now Professor of Psychological Science and  Director of Clinical Training at the University of Vermont, where she  has been since 2005.  Kelly leads an active lab of clinical graduate  students and undergraduate independent study students, focusing on  adult depression vulnerability and treatment.  The most recent study  is a large, 5-year National Institute of Mental Health funded clinical  trial to compare cognitive-behavioral therapy and light therapy for  
seasonal affective disorder.  In that study, 177 community adults were  treated and then followed for 2-years for depression recurrences.   Kelly teaches graduate courses in Adult Psychopathology and Adult  Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy and undergraduate courses in Abnormal  Psychology and Intro to Clinical Psychology.