Chloe Farmer (SBU Class of 2014) Rehabilitation Counseling

Fellow Bonnies! First and foremost, let me congratulate you for choosing to pursue psychology at Bonaventure. The professors in that department are particularly invested in their students and in my experience, share in your failures and successes as their own.

 I came to psychology as a double major after completing two years at Bonaventure. Having no real idea what I was getting myself into, I sat down with Dr. Stephanie Vogel and she helped me outline my schedule in a way that was both comfortable and challenging. It helps that the material fascinated me but I really felt that my experience in every psychology class was beneficial. This includes statistics with Dr. Privitera – give it a chance because I’m only two months into my graduate program and I can tell you that you’ll definitely need it!

 When I decided that pursuing graduate school was the right course of action, I turned to the professors in the psychology department as mentors. There is no doubt in my mind that I would not be where I am today without their help and advice. Special thank you to Dr. Vogel, Dr. Privitera, and Dr. Mayeaux for believing in me.

 I am currently in the Rehabilitation Counseling and Psychology MS program at UNC at Chapel Hill. It has been a pleasant experience to be at a university this size (29,135 students) but I still appreciate a small undergraduate university like Bonaventure. After completing this program I plan on pursuing my doctorate in Clinical Psychology.

 Applying to a graduate program is a daunting task and (if I had a megaphone I would use it now) please, please, please ask for help whenever you need it. The professors are willing to explain, advise, and encourage you at every turn. I would recommend that you begin by listing places you would be willing to relocate to. Use this list to narrow down your search for schools. Universities will appreciate your willingness to move to a new area and will definitely recognize if you’re trying to fake it in an interview. I think a lot of people forget that a graduate school should fit your interests first and foremost.

 One piece of advice that Dr. Privitera gave me throughout the application process was to remember that a rejection letter is not equivalent to being unqualified for the program. It’s a tricky process and often programs will choose not to accept anyone new or they may even have someone in mind before the application process begins. Do not let this discourage you – be persistent and confident! If I can do it, you can definitely do it.

 Feel free to contact me with questions, concerns, funny anecdotes, etc. because I am always available to help a fellow Bonnie! You can reach me at my UNC email (oh yeah, did I mention I now have a med school email address?), which is chloe[underscore]farmer[at]med[dot]unc[dot]edu. Good luck and keep being extraordinary!