Kacie Strong (SBU 2014) MA School Counseling

I am currently in a master's program for school counseling (and a certification in community mental health counseling) at Lenoir-Rhyne University (which is about 40 minutes north of Charlotte, NC in a small town of Hickory, NC). If I had to take the Bonaventure campus and move it down south this would 100% be it. I am really enjoying school so far and I think I am transitioning well to the southern lifestyle. While I'm taking classes, I am the graduate assistant for the disabilities services and deaf/hard-of-hearing services on campus. This is a GREAT experience and I am really enjoying working with the students. I do a lot of behind the scenes work and paperwork for the students with disabilities and/or hearing loss. I also work part time as a tutor for students who fall on the autism spectrum (this is extremely challenging at times, but well worth the hard work to see them succeed).

Please feel free to share any of my contact information with any students who may be interested in school counseling, making a move to the Charlotte area or struggling with the decision of whether to stay at Bonas for graduate school or to try something new!! I would absolutely love to talk to them about my experiences and share my insights.

I would really like to thank you and other the other faculty at Bonas for truly preparing me for Graduate school. I felt 100% prepared when I walked into my first day at Lenoir-Rhyne and so far the semester has really confirmed just how great of a education I received and how good the psychology department is at Bonaventure!! I feel steps above some other students in my classes because of my bachelor's degree I earned from you all!! (Again please feel free to share this information with all of the other faculty to let them know they are appreciated and doing a A+ job!)