Are Psychologists Prejudiced Against the Politically Conservative?

I have always admired Jonathan Haidt as a researcher, writer and person.  His character is marked by courage, compassion and common sense.  You will see these traits in his latest work on morality, the brain and political attitudes.  Have a look and a read:

Brandon Kowalski & Chuck Walker Presented Research on the Observation of Happiness at Ottawa

Oct 08, 2014 |

Dr. Charles Walker, professor of psychology, and 2014 computer science graduate Brandon Kowalski presented the results of their latest research on the unobtrusive observation of eudaimonic and hedonic happiness at the Canadian Positive Psychology Conference held recently in Ottawa. 

They shared the results of three studies then showed attendees how to use their website to assess the happiness manifested in groups, organizations and communities. To have a peek and give their system a test run, please go to

Walker also gave a talk last summer on the "Art of Teaching Positively" at the Incredible Children's Art Network in Santa Barbara, Calif. (, and more recently he facilitated a discussion on "What Science Can Tell Us About Happiness" at the Olean Meditation Center.

Can daydreaming be good for you?

" a culture that values productivity and goal-directed behavior, daydreaming is looked at, at best, as a momentary distraction--and at worst, irresponsible loafing. But it turns out that daydreaming, zoning out, and spacing out--collectively called "mind wandering" by psychological researchers--is a mixed bag, with both benefits and costs."

Check out this interesting article from Scientific American Mind: